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Holdover Cabinets

At the companies inception the main stay of Geist's work was building bespoke and standard refrigeration holdover cabinets for the mobile trade.


We have had crafted many holdovers for the ice cream trade, the butchers trade, the fish trade and the coach builders across the uk.


Our tried, tested and trusted eutectic plates ensure the end user can sell all day long at low tempertures that keeps their product just the way they want it to maximise sales.


Simply plug in at night charge to a desired temperature and sell all day.


Many of our customers come back to us after twenty years and even longer asking for a refurb of their old cabinets as they are still going strong but just need a facelift such is reliability and robustness of our products. Some of them also like the fact that as a stand alone unit they can move it from trailer to trailer, van to van as quite often the cabinets out live the trailer or van!


Again we offer a bespoke service which gives you the customer the power to maximise your space which in turn allows you to maximise you're sales. We also can fit the holdover into your trailer, van, shop and fit the condensing units remote or you can have the condensing unit built in offering a take away, plug in and use capability.


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